Lighthouse Photo is U.S.A based with a presence in nearly 15 countries across the globe.


  • Documenting Trips and Expeditions
  • NGO Initiative Photo and Composition Documentation
  • Military Initiative Photo Documentation
  • Interview Documentation
  • Personal Family or Estate Photo and Composition Documentation

Our Mission

We are advocates for those who suffer in silence.   As Strategy, Country, and Initiative Directors with large NGOs, our main focus is to bring to light human persecution in all hemispheres through the digital photography medium.  Some call it photojournalism, we call it serving, “the least of these.”

It all started one day before a tiny group of us left to Israel to live with Bedouin camel herders in the Negev desert near the small rural town of, “Mitzpe Ramon.”  We had no idea what we were doing, but the determination could not be overcome.  The rest is history.

The pictures that you will see here are moments in time that will never once be replicated.  Not a single photo was posed, nor was there use of artificial light.  The moment had to perfect.  Our fingers buzz around the shutter button just a as soldier in battle.  We do not leave without having captured the side effects of persecution, or whatever it is we are hired to do.

There is no possible way for us to tell you how many refugee camps, broken buildings, weathered tents we have sat in, and wept right along with those who have suffered at the hands of terrorist.  Their eyes tell the story that no one will ever know.  The scares they bare narrate each independent syllable that they are not strong enough to speak….

We invite you to fall in love with those who have been left behind by the world, to share their pain, and stand beside those, who suffer
in silence.


Photojournalism must be done with, integrity, honor, and valiance.
Without these traits, you’re no better than the Paparazzi.
— DK Layman, Lighthouse Photo - Field Staff