"Ms. Millenium"



Picture taken by DK.

The recent protests have given me a reason to get out and practice my love for photography.  Since I live not far from the 2nd biggest city in Texas, it doesn't cost me much time or money to get out there and bring home with me the truth of what is really going on out there. #blog #protest #practice

I must admit, every #news agency I could find said the protest last week was #peaceful...I was there, and it wasn't peaceful.

"People" had no problem getting minimal inches from one another in able to hurl insults and degrade their opposition.  I'm talking about screaming...the kind of scream that causes blood shot eyes, spit, and a hideous countenance.  It was truly lamentable. 

As the night went on, I hadn't run into just a ton of hiccups.  It seemed to easy, really, but dark was coming all to speedily.  With natural order, and to be expected, the ANTIFA knuckheads made their ever so nonsensical exhibition.  Although they acquired a name for themselves from performing many different acts of terrorism around the Unites States, their consummation was quite elementary.  I had conjured up in my apperception that the operation by which they labor was rather advanced, but man was I wrong.  Total truth here, all they did, was march in cursing, hit me their flagpole in the ribs, then punch me twice in the stomach, and then march out hurling more expletives.  I couldn't believe it; out of all the press that were there taking pictures, I am the one they targeted....why?  However, as soon as they saw that the physical attacks did hurt or deter me, they decided to leave :)

Needless to say, the evening was quite eventful :) 

Anyhow, here is one of the images that I came away with :)!